It's been a while but Here I am to actually post something. This time it's a question...... What is by far your favorite toy growing up as a kid? "Why I'm asking," because I want to; no motif, no scheme, no convoluted plan to trap you in my web so I can feast on your carcass like a wido, just a decent question. As far as I remembered, Transformers dominated my toy line-up.

Greetings from A Pit

2015-04-21 02:34:46 by C-Johnigan

"Dear Newgrounds,

Hello. To anyone asking, No.....I did not kill that man. I haven't seen him before in my life and if you ask me again I shall proceed to anal probe you with a stick I just found.


Stranger Danger"

Anyways as u can probably tell from the nonexistant fans I have, I'm a nobody and may always be a nobody, but here I am showing u the work I've been cultivating the past 3 years and onward. So I hope you like what you see.